Some rambling about SJW’s in gaming

So I made this wordpress page a while ago with the idea that I’d post some of my sometimes pitiful attempts at rambling or ranting, try to propel my thoughts and ideas out onto the digital plain. A combination of distraction and loss of interest led to me neglecting the page and it’s gathered dust for a while. But with recent events I figured I might as well try and revive it.

Now onto my wordy things.

Until about 3 years ago I really had no knowledge of the modern butchering of the term “Social Justice”. I’d been moving around the internet for a bit and travelled in fairly limited circles outside of my real life friends, my guild on WoW and one or two atheist and skeptic groups. I would see a wacky feminist pop up occasionally in the atheist movement like Rebecca Watson or Jennifer Mcreight, but I really didn’t see the constant stream of self-pity, narcissism and inane bullshit flung forth by these weak-minded individuals. I’m still not 100% sure if it was just because these people suddenly appeared out of the nether, and that I just wasn’t travelling in the circles where this sort of thing was a common occurence, or that I hadn’t noticed it for whatever reason.

The first case where I ever really saw this strange trend of hyper-sensitivity among my interests was when a youtuber, (Thunderf00t, of who I am a great fan and who I’ve had the privilege of speaking to once or twice on livestreams) joined a now infamous atheist blog called freethoughtblogs. The archives are out there for anyone who really wants to learn about this, but here’s a basic summary of events:

-Thunderf00t is offered a space at freethoughtblogs

-Before his first article is even published many of the writers at FTB are accusing him of being sexist or having a feud with lacigreen (another youtuber and SJW), Thunderf00t defends himself from these fallacious allegations and they back down.

-Thunderf00t joins freethoughtblogs in early 2012.

-Thunderf00t earliest posts were questioning the need for ridiculously stringent atheist conference policies in regards to sexism, when there has never been a confirmed or corroborated report of sexual harassment, assault, etc.

-FTB hive-mind dogpiles him and throw up various logical fallacies to try and silence his dissent.

-He tries to defend himself again, causing a large schism.

-He is removed shortly thereafter.

-Admin considers not paying him his ad-revenue earned (which I will hastily add would have to be fairly large considering the enormous spike in traffic this controversy caused)

-Their admins are incompetent and have a poorly maintained mailing list and he regains access and leaks emails detailing the above and them badmouthing prominent atheists.

The whole affair caused a fairly big schism and drama-fest in the online atheist movement. And most of it was caused by the above mentioned SJW’s, the kind of person who believes that all or most trans/female/POC/non-white males are an oppressed minority in the west, an agenda pushed forth by a racist patriarchal society. All of which is based on rhetoric, outright falsifications, emotional blackmail, half truths or cherry pickings. Not evidence, not studies (atleast ones that aren’t easily discredited), not reliable or falisifiable data. Nothing.

Most if not all of the most infamous SJW’s in gaming these days, (Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkessian, Patricia Hernandez, etc) rely atleast partly on the above tactics to push their agenda, their ideology, into gaming.

Very rarely have I ever seen a valid point drawn up by these kinds of people. The kind of person who whips up a controversy about being the victim of a targetted attack by an imageboard which is primarily browsed by depressed, male virgins and getting The Escapist, Kotaku, Polygon, etc all to defend them and get such a ridiculous amount of publicity to coincide with the attempt to greenlight their “game” (I personally prefer the term misinformation device), however when the most basic scrutiny of her claims shows that they are either fallacious, exaggerated or just outright lies of mass harassment from an imageboard of mostly social awkward, isolated and depressed virgins.

Or better yet when they claim that they’re getting death threats, then claim you reported it to the cops and you were ran out of your home. Then when an actual hard look is taken at the screen cap you’ve taken and the timing seems a little bit off, but still within reason. But then the cops are contacted and they have no fucking clue what’s going on because you never actually contacted them. So yeah, those kinds of people.

I’m 110% for an open marketplace of ideas. My opinions have been reshaped, changed or even demolished many times over the 22 years I’ve been conscious. If a feminist can bring up a valid case of a game being blatantly sexist or misogynistic I’d rail against it in a heartbeat. But that isn’t what you ever see happen despite what their defenders might claim, especially when they try to criticise heavily competitive genres likes shooters, MOBAs, RTS, etc, genres which are probably going to be male dominated for a long time.

Though there is nothing necessarily wrong with that though. Women and men generally have small differences and tastes that usually naturally occur as a side effect of sexual dimorphism. Men are generally going to be a bit more aggressive and competitive in that sort of environment and will be drawn to it, which is by no mean’s saying there aren’t a good number of female gamers in that those gaming categories, I’ve played/battled with dozens of women in games such as Halo, HoN, DOTA, LoL, GoW or CoD over the years (many times I’ve been decimated by them), but they are still a minority because of the nature of the play style and not simply because of male-centric marketing.

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