You know once upon a time, I honestly liked Law and Order: SVU. Up until about season 6 the plot lines were mostly interesting. Detective Stabler made the show for me, the story arcs involving his family and his personal fears for them that were exacerbated by the job are most often what interested me. Benson however honestly always seemed very forced with the constant and frankly exaggerated moral panic in many episodes.

The show however always failed when they based the central theme of an episode around an occurrence in pop-culture.

The second life episode was a prime example of this, the misuse of common and well established internet language, the over sexualisation of a mostly mundane and boring game, the ridiculous moral panic from said boring game and the convoluted circumstances that brought the entire kidnap circumstance about.

I can’t bring myself to watch the entire episode, not because it would insult me or anger me, but because if I watched it all the way through I’d most likely wake my entire household from the tearful laughter of stupidity induced hilarity. But from the many, many, many…..many clips that I have seen, the #gamergate themed episode would seem to be a prime example of this sort of thing. Except……

Nobody has ever been shown or linked to have ever been gangbanged, physically or sexually assaulted. I’ve seen maybe 4 cases in my time where stalking has occured in the real world as a result of unhealthy infatuation from second life but I’ve yet to hear of a single case where Anita Sarkessian or Zoe Quinn have been physically assaulted. I’ve seen a shit load of the threats (which you should also note that many if not most of these are of very suspect origins), but I’ve yet to see a single case where someone has walked up to Anita Sarkessian and broken her big ugly nose with a hard punch.

And you know why this episode came out like this? Do you know why they have made some of the most lulz worthy statements I have ever seen from a mainstream show? Because they bought it.

They bought the narrative put forth by Brianna Wu, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkessian, Kotaku, Polygon and all of the other dense, wicked and self-righteous idiots that are among them. And now they wonder why gamers are getting a bad wrap. The moment they see how fucking ridiculous their narrative is when it is applied to a fictional sub-par crime drama and barely even exaggerated, they wonder why gamers have been fighting for their identity.

Also fun fact to Mariska Hargitay, Ice-T and every other cretin who had a part in that episode.

My best friend is a woman whom I met 6 years ago while playing World of Warcraft. I have met more then enough women because of videogames in my time, and while many men may be crass assholes, there are far more who simply want more people to play and spend time with. At the end of the day because clearly none of you idiots have ever met your average gamer, nobody gives a fuck if a dev has a vagina or a cock. If the game is good then nobody will give a fuck (unless they’re just assholes), good on it’s own merits and not because she fucked a journalist to get positive coverage, not because she’s friends with other developers, not because she uses her genitalia as pseudo-moral leverage.

I hope you disingenuous and incompetent cretins apologise to the hundreds of millions of gamers who you’ve painted as evil and terrorising misogynists. SVU should have died when Christopher Meloni left, so with that I hope your ratings drop off a cliff and you can stop plaguing us all with your horrible writing and tasteless acting.

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